Sep 7, 2021

5 tips to get the most out of your wedding photos

Do your photos before the ceremony

I’m a huge advocate for this, and I’ve bullet-pointed three of the reasons why this is the best choice you’ll make.

  • When you and your partner see each other for the first time, it’s just the two of you. You can chat, admire each other, ask about how the morning has been, and just generally enjoy the moment. There aren’t 80 people watching, or a celebrant ready to kick off your ceremony.
  • Once the ceremony is done you get to enjoy your favourite people. No need to run away, just sit back with a glass and relax. This is the only time your most special humans will get together so enjoy it!
  • Because we aren’t running away to get photos, I’ll be shooting you and your guests mingling and loving on the day together. These are the best memories.
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Do the engagement shoot

Almost all of my couples tell me they’re nervous to be in front of the camera, and I feel the same way! Doing an engagement shoot gets the nerves out of the way before the big day. You and your photographer will feel like old friends by the time you walk down the aisle!

Not only do you get gorgeous photos from the engagement session, when your wedding arrives you’ll be relaxed and natural around the camera, and it really shows in your wedding photos. Be strategic about where you get ready.

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Be strategic about where you get ready

Have you started thinking about where you’d like to get ready to walk down the aisle? It’s a decision that’s glossed over sometimes, or made at the last minute. To get the perfect wedding photos, give this one a little bit of your planning time.

If you’ve considered getting ready at your childhood home or the closest hotel, you’re not alone. Have a wee think about how that location looks inside.

If you want your getting ready photos to fit the palette of your wedding, to be visually stunning, and to fit your wedding album perfectly, have a hunt around before making your final choice.

You’re looking for neutral walls or paint colours that suit your wedding, single-colour carpet, tidy doors, and tasteful artwork and wall hangings.

You might have a friend with a home that fits the bill, or perhaps there’s a perfect place on Airbnb. Your photographer is there to help as well, and will be happy to have a scout around for a spot that’s just right.

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Work alongside your photographer on your timetable

We’ve done this so many times, we know the way everything fits together, how long to allow for each step of the day, and what to avoid. Use us!

The better your timetable, the more epic your day will be, and the more relaxed and happy you’ll be in your photos.

The best-planned timetables leave no room for stress or rushing. Everything will flow like clockwork and your only job will be to enjoy it. It’s easier than you think, so ask for advice if you need it.

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Consider comfort when dress and suit shopping

I’m not saying you should have a loose dress that feels like your favourite trackpants, we don’t want that!

When you go shopping for the most important gown you’ve ever owned, make sure you are comfortable in it, and you feel like you.

If you feel like you need to pull up your strapless gown every ten minutes, or you’re worried about bending over and showing a bit too much with your low neckline, you’ll be self-conscious and it’s so hard to relax in that situation.

Trust me when I say that if you are comfortable in your dress, you’ll look a million dollars in your photos!

When you go suit shopping, consider the probable temperature on your wedding day. If you’ve got a mid-January wedding in full sunshine, perhaps a woollen suit isn’t the way to go.

Be yourselves, wear whatever the heck you want, and make sure you’re comfortable running, laughing, and letting your hair down in it!

For some wedding inspo check out my wedding gallery or my blog, or get in touch for some obligation-free chat. I’d love to meet you!

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