Hi there, I'm Nicole! (she/her)

If your idea of a good time involves a perfectly mixed gin or a plate of delicious tacos then you and I are going to get along just fine.

Travel excites me, and Wayne, Zoe and I love to explore. We can’t wait to get back to Italy to immerse ourselves in pizza and wine (food is a theme in my life!), or perhaps even live in Vietnam for a year.
Who knows where life will take us!

I've got a background in photojournalism and bring that storytelling experience into my weddings. My favourite photos are always the ones I get when you don't know I'm there. And when the party kicks off and the dance floor is packed, I'll be there. You'll love those photos too! 

I love weddings, I love meeting new people, and I love giving every celebration my all. 

Hi there

I've mentioned that I love travel, and actually I adore it. That rush of hot, humid air that hits you when you step out of the airport in Cambodia, cobblestoned Roman lanes after dark, getting tremendously sick from trying an exotic new food (or accidentally brushing my teeth with tap water - thanks Bali!). I love it all. If you're planning a destination wedding, do chat to me because you know I'm 100% on board. 

This aside, I really love my favourite humans. I'm a homebody and my husband Wayne and our 3-year-old Zoe are the best things in life as far as I'm concerned. I adore being a mum. 

My family are the reason I only take 25 weddings per summer. I want to invest my time into them and be there for as many precious moments as I can. 

We're all different and meeting new people, exploring new cultures, and expanding my horizons fill my heart. 

My favourite things

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Photo by Sarah Clements Photography

Photo by Sarah Clements Photography

I started with a camera as a hobby, and it very quickly progressed into a job working as a photojournalist in the media. 

I saw a lot in that job, and it taught me a lot about storytelling. I've got an eye for moments that tell your story the best and when I sense one, my camera is clicking before I've even thought about it. 

I've inherited photography from my grandfather. If you're from Central Otago you'll recognise my surname from "Gourley's Pharmacy" in Alexandra, where their photography business was based along with the pharmacy business. I've got several of Grandad's landscapes up in my office.

If you do me the honour of choosing me to photograph your wedding, your photos will tell the story of your love and the day. The laughter, the spray of champagne, the beating sunshine, cold beverages, and hugs from your favourite people. My photographs don't just look good, they feel good too. 

My inspiration

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On a wedding day I'm there bright and early to capture your pretty little details, the nerves, and excitement. It's the inbetween moments that make these photos so exciting to look back on. 

My ceremony approach is subtle. You won't notice me at the time but I'm documenting it all. 

We've already worked together on your timetable to make sure your wedding is relaxed and flows beautifully, so the rest of the day is like one big party. 

One of my couples coined the phrase "plandid" to describe our portrait session - the perfect mix of planned and candid. I know what you're thinking: you'll be awkward in front of the camera. Let me promise you that I've done this before, and I'll guide you through it. You'll be wonderful!

I'll be grooving across the dance floor as the party cranks. Trust me, these are some of the best photos. Let your hair down, let me take care of this, and you'll have memories to cherish for a lifetime. 

Behind the lens

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Photo by Sarah Clements Photography

My philosophy

It's a simple thing - people are more important than anything else and the relationships we share are more precious than riches. 

Time spent with your favourite people is invaluable and I'm there to capture the way it feels, for you to keep and treasure. 

I give every wedding my all, every wedding is precious. 

Two souls, one story

Your story, told by
a master storyteller

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