Apr 21, 2015

5 great reasons to have an engagement shoot – Tips for getting the best wedding photos

Before Wayne and I got married we had an engagement shoot and it was the best idea, I’m so pleased we did it! Since then I’ve been encouraging my brides to have one and I’ve condensed the reasons into this handy-dandy list. Read away!

1. To get to know your photographer

Wedding days are so long; I’m with my bride from 9 o’clock in the morning until she’s dancing her heart out 12 hours later. That’s a lot of time spent with a stranger on the biggest day of your life. So, why be strangers? You’ll feel so much more comfortable with me pointing my camera at you if we know each other. And when you’re comfortable you look great in photos! In the hour or two that we spend getting engagement photos you’ll get to know me and I’ll get to know you.

2. To become comfortable in front of the camera

Everyone wants to look happy, relaxed, and carefree in their wedding photos but if it’s your first time being photographed, chances are you’ll be nervous and unsure about how it all works. The differences I see in a bride & groom on their wedding photo shoot when they’ve had an engagement shoot is huge. I’m even a bit surprised myself about how affective it is. Often it’s the groom who doesn’t want to be in front of the camera. The engagement shoot is where all the reluctance comes out. It’s your chance to get rid of the nerves, the awkwardness, and the apprehension. By the wedding day I’m greeting the groom like we’re old friends. He doesn’t mind that I’m pointing my camera at him, he knows it’s nothing to be stressed about. Then the wedding photos are awesome! The bride and groom are both so relaxed, comfortable, and happy and it shines through in the photos. Engagement shoots are the best idea!


3. To get a collection of great photos!

So this one is pretty obvious. Engagement photos are awesome. I go for outfit changes, scenery changes, props, and fun activities, woohoo! Then you get a collection of great photos to keep, make an album from, and plaster all over Facebook. Plus they’re actually quite useful. If you want to send out save-the-date cards then we can do a specific save-the-date photo. Or perhaps you want to use one of my postcard designs along with one of your photos to send out. They look so cool!


4. For your photographer to get to know you

Every couple I photograph is different, you’ve all got a unique personality, shape, and style. One pose does not fit all couples! The engagement shoot is my chance to test out some different poses and see how you two look when you’re standing together, sitting together, or even being piggy-backed by each other! Then, come the wedding day, I’ve got it allllll sorted.


5. It’s fun! 

It’s a really fun few hours, trust me! I’ve got some gorgeous styled shoots being planned right now with a local hair stylist and makeup artist and they are going to be so kickass! Think gold sequins, blush and ruby red flowers, bow ties, and chinos and you’re getting close to the theme for the first one. If you’re interested in being a model for me then contact me through this site or on my Facebook page. 

Thanks for stopping by, how are you enjoying these tips for getting the most out of your wedding photos? Should I write more posts? Let me know by leaving a comment below or come on over to my Facebook page. xx


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