Mar 16, 2015

The Coat Hanger – Tips for getting the best wedding photos

I’ve always liked having tidy coat hangers in my wardrobe, preferably the nice wooden ones with the metal hook at the top. My closet looks sooo good with them all lined up in there and they are really strong. Great for a winter coat or heavy dress. But, I digress…

I’m trying something new today. I’ve been thinking about all the things you girls should know before your big day to take your photographs from great, to absolutely stunning. So I’m starting a series of blog posts just called ‘For Brides’. If they’re helpful, leave me a comment  or flick me some feedback on my Facebook page. I’d appreciate hearing from you! Tell me what else you want to talk about 🙂

I have so many favourite moments on a wedding day and one of them is getting to see the dress. I swoon over a gorgeous wedding dress and I love photographing them. The first thing I do is make sure it’s hanging on a tidy coat hanger. If not, I’ll ask if you’ve got one, or I’ll swap hangers with something else in the wardrobe. It makes such a difference to the photos!

Etsy has so many options for buying cute, customised coat hangers, or if that doesn’t sound like you then click here for some nice wooden ones that Briscoes sell. $15 for 8 (and you know they’ll go on sale!) so there are no excuses for having a plastic hanger, girls!





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  1. Barra Freed says:

    Great post. The coat hanger tips are really worthy for taking the best wedding photos. Thanks for posting.